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New for 2019!

The Most Popular Surfing Machine in the World!



Designed and engineered in Southern California by WhiteWater, the FlowRider® Double gives riders of all ages the opportunity to experience the thrill of surfing. A thin sheet of water (approximately 3 inches) is pushed across a patented trampoline-like rider surface by use of powerful pumps. This creates an "endless wave" on which riders can bodyboard or stand-up ride on a board that is a hybrid of a skateboard and snowboard.


Ride Experience

• Thrill of surfing without the intense ocean experience

• Challenging and engaging

• Relaxed, beach-like environment

• Riders can have fun and experience the thrill on a bodyboard

• Advanced riders can experience the thrill of dropping in, caving turns, throwing spray and performing an undending array of maneuevers



• Patented, tension ride surface is trampoline-like and the safest industry-wide

• With inflatable divider in place, two guests can ride simultaneously, or divider can be removed for an increased ride area

• The original and most popular sheet wave with 190+ installations worldwide

• Recovery areas outfitted with soft pillow padding grating system




Construction Update

To view past construction photos, click on the dates below.


May 9, 2019

Structural frame for concrete to be poured.




April 3
March 27
April 15
May 1



About the Attraction


Attraction Type

Surf Simulator


Height Restriction

Must be 42" to ride, 48" Stand Up


Access to Boarding






Attraction Rating

High Thrill


ADA Access


Park Hours


Park Office:
Monday - Friday: 9AM - 7PM


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